Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fireworks Practice

Fireworks tasks:

  • Take this picture of Molly.  Change her outfit so its the same color as the girl in front of her.
  • Change the H to an S.
  • Change STOP to GO.  Make it green.
  • Use a text tool to make your name super cool.
  • Put President Obama in a crowd at a Yankee Game.
Some of those are hard.  Save all to your fireworks folder.

Next I want you to tackle this puzzle.  Why are there three water fountains in the upstairs hallway next to the guidance office?


I would like you to write a blog post:

  • Embed the picture in the blog post.  If you go to the image and click share and then "Grab the HTML code".  Copy the code into a blog post.
  • Give me a good story or theory.  Creative writing is fine.  I have NO IDEA why we have three water fountains.
  • Be sure to include any links that are needed.
Claudia's Post
Samantha's Post

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