Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If you are in E block do todays lesson.

If you are in H block scroll down to the previous lesson.


Choose one subject to write about.  Include links!!
1. Read this article about halloween.   Are some costumes choices inappropriate?  Why or why not?
2. What are we doing to our kids?  Do parents and kids have too much screen time?

Choose something to experiment with:
1. Check out the ShowMe app.  Play around with it.
2.  Try to create a song with the Voice Jam app.
3. Have fun making a Puppet Movie with PuppetPals.

Other ideas:
1. Start a iPad Hockey tournament.  Make a website to keep score.
2. Try to draw something on the iPad and then on MS Paint.  Compare the two software programs.
3. Write about any picture in the Guardian Eyewitness App. You can google it to embed picture in a blog post.

Write about what you did today on your blog.  Have fun!

more to come....

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Mike Oberdick said...

I'd like to share something that was created with "Show Me" on my blog. Send along the embed code to moberdick@seymourschools.org.