Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Videos, Dreamweaver, Darfur

Videos on Darfur and cyberbullying are starting to be deposited in the UDrive. Check them out. Leave comments on the directors blogs. I am posting the best videos to
Many of you are finishing Project 6. Check the notes from a previous blog entry. Be sure that you create TWO files: the template and the Bahia Park file.

Project 7 notes: skip page 7.38. Also, when you are doing the hotspot and behaviors for the three regions of Florida do them one at a time. I couldn't get them to work all at once. This will make sense when you do the project.

Project 6, Project 7 and the movie are due by Thursday April 19.

Check out this use of technology. Learn how to use this technology! This is the expectation of the world we live in, that you can present information using these tools. Old school would have been a chart with the places that have been burned. I think this tool is more effective. I am not sure all of you have Google Earth on your machines. Period One will let me know.

This may sound a bit like a sermon but I hope some of you have been effected by the images from Darfur or the stories of cyberbullying. Making the videos and increasing awareness is a small step in solving the problem. Never waste a day. Students in Darfur would do anything to have your life for even a day. And I know some of your lives are NOT easy. There are students in this community who have incredible challenges, yet you never hear about it. And then there are students who spend the day in PAC because they did something stupid. Don't waste a day and don't let your classmates waste a day. Imagine if those in PAC or the large amount of students who are "ME" people took some energy and pored it into raising awareness about Darfur. If it saved one life or stopped the conflict one day early it would be worth it.

If it was you been chased down by the militia, your sisters killed, your mom raped and beaten could you imagine if you sent a cry for help and nobody answered? Or cared? Or even knew where Darfur was?

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