Monday, April 09, 2007


We have talked often about how video is becoming more and more essential for web site design and construction. Almost every website you visit has a video component. In addition, videos are used in business, academics, sports, and other disciplines. It is an essential means of communication in todays society and I feel everyone should understand the basics of creating a video.

This weeks assignment is on the class wiki. The assignment involves creating a public service announcement for students. The assignment has some very specific instructions so I urge you to read it carefully. The most important part of the assignment is to tell a story! Can you get your point across in 28 seconds?

I encourage you to collaborate on this project, however I do require that you use mixed gender teams. You can be in teams of 1-4 people.

I want to make clear that if you are new to this type of software I do not expect anything too technically grand. You will use this assignment to experiment and play around with the software.

Good luck.

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