Sunday, April 15, 2007


Great video by Brianna. I think the music really helps the video. Have you noticed on teachertube how many views your videos have gotten?

Some of you have submitted the files incorrectly. You must save the movie file (not the movie project) to the UDrive. If you go to the UDrive and you see a icon that looks like a movie reel you did it wrong.

We have read often about the one laptop per child program (OLPC). Read this post by Will Richardson and observe the photograph. Can you connect this to our readings about Darfur? If the children of Darfur all had a laptop, many would be reading your blogs and vice versa. Would there still have been genocide?

Can you see the hope in their faces?

Now, imagine if we did the same here at Bungay Elementary. Could we change the world here in Seymour as well? A science textbook costs $80. This laptop costs $100.

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