Friday, April 20, 2007


I get the feeling over the last few weeks that most of you "get it" now. You have been working much more independently, solving your problems yourself, and producing some great work.

Lets remember the three objectives for the class: synthesize, summarize, solve. These are areas that you should focus on in all aspects of your education. I think we have gotten much better in all three over the past month or so.

So we pretty much understand the tools (HTML, Dreamweaver, blogging, etc...) and we pretty much understand the objectives (synthesize, summarize, solve). What will we do with it?

As you can tell by the clustrmap our class and the assignments are looked at by a lot of people. Many of the assignments we do are repeated in classrooms around the globe. Many of the assignments that they do I find and adapt for you. However, we have not really gone to the next level, which is truly creating connections with the global community.

I feel we can be elite. We can be a model school, with a model curriculum, examples of student work that make people go "Wow!". As we move from Web 1.0 (HTML) to Web 2.0 (blogging, collaboration, visual, etc...) we need to start planning for Web 3.0. What will it look like? Will we be ready?

I want you to find examples of schools, people, ideas that are Web 3.0. What is the "next big idea"? How are innovative schools in other countries run? I want you to collect information (synthesize), put it on your blog (summarize), and then we will figure out what to do next (solve). As you know, I believe students should take responsibility for their education. If you had a chance to design the next version of this class/school/district what would it look like?

Check some of these ideas/schools out:
Horizon Project We will be evaluating these project when we return from break. Check them out.
Shangai American School A school involved in the Horizon Project. Where are they on the technology curve?
The New MBA What do you think? Is visual communication taught enough at SHS?
Second Life This will become more and more important in your education.
TED Talks: Watch One!! Click on the technology category.
Edutopia: Lots of good ideas from the George Lucas Foundation. Lucas is the guy behind Star Wars and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (Steven A. put this link on his blog, good job Steve!)
Gates Foundation: The richest man in history is giving most of his money away to try to end many diseases and improve education. Take a moment and see where that money is going.

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Teacherlizz said...

Hi there, I would just like to say, thanks for some great ideas for my own teaching practice. Your sites have all been so informative and really interesting. Thanks for working so hard and engaging the kids the way you obviously do.

I hope to use some of your ideas for my blogs and wikis, and get my kids posting on teachertube. I had a mental block about how long videos should be. 28secs - AWESOME - manageable and it has to be to the point.

Thanks again.

Lizz O'Hagan, Auckland New Zealand