Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kathy Sierra

We read last week about Kathy Sierra, the teacher who was beng threatened with the online posts. Through that discussion we talked about cyberbullying. It was very interesting to read your blogs.

I was a bit worried that many of you said if that one should just "brush off" bullying on the internet and just ignore it. Kathy Sierra talks about this in a recent post:

Unfortunately, I still do NOT know who made the unclebobism post; nobody has yet been able to tell me that the person who did this is not a real threat. We've become so desensitized to vile comments on the net that many people can't comprehend why I would feel threatened. But if we dismiss every cruel, vile, sexually threatening comment as simply the work of an anonymous troll, we will no longer be able to recognize a real threat. Are we willing to stake our mother/sister/daughter's life on a sexually and physically threatening photo or comment, simply because it appeared on the internet and therefore must be harmless?

What do you think?

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