Thursday, December 14, 2006

Time Article

There is an interesting cover story in Time Magazine about schools in the 21st century. It covers much of the material we have talked about in our readings. It is a longer article, but I think it is valuable reading for you. If you comment in your blogmeister, be sure to leave a link to the article.

If you were running the mile for me on my track team and you walked off the track after three of the four laps and said "That's all I am going to do" and "That should be good enough for you". Or "We had to run FOUR laps?? Nobody ever told me THAT!!". Or my favorite, "I don't feel like finishing the race today, I'm going to do it at home". I don't think you would expect your team or your coach to be satisfied with your performance.

On the same note, if you turn in an assignment where you have only done three out of four "laps", please don't be shocked when I find that unacceptable. Do your best and finish every race. I have coached dozens of All-Americans and kids who literally were blind and had to be led around the track. Everyone has their own limits. I will not accept work that is less than your best effort.

Today you will work on the second part of the sample exam project. The project is posted on the wikispace. While no part of this project is especially difficult you can easily run into problems if you do not plan effectively. I urge you to write out your plan on paper so you can visualize it BEFORE you start coding. Also, look through your past work to see if there are ideas you can use (I promise that there is code you can "steal").

I hope the SHS Winter Concert went well last night. If you participated please let us know about it in your blog. My nieces fifth grade concert last night was exceptional. Monique plays clarinet and I was very impressed by the whole group. I wish I could have made both shows.

Finally, I hope Tania will post her Lewis and Clark video so we can all watch it. It is very impressive. Its worth the time to watch it.

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