Monday, December 04, 2006


For this weeks project go to the wikispace.

If you are interested in doing a special project about games you should start here. I know nothing about this process but I do know that educational games are becoming more and more important and getting more press. Most are online and interactive. If you did a project on this you would have to do some reading (espcially the teaching guides), find relevant blogs, and then start learning the program. Making a wikispace would be great.

For those of you making movies, can you find examples of student work on the internet that use movie maker? Compare your work to their work. How can you improve? Include links on your blogmeister.

If you are more interested in the graphics manipulation then doing the tutorials in Flash and Fireworks and making a wikispace about them for other students would be a good special project.

Some of you spoke about teaching a class or giving a clinic for senior citizens, teachers, or parents on web basics (email, how to find a website, cool stuff you can do, etc...). If this was your project we would need a detailed action plan. How would this happen. This would make an excellent project for collaboration with other students or a service project for a club.

Exploring the google maps and the myriad of new applications that go along with it might be another interesting project. I showed you the bookmarking program the other day. Here is another post to check out. Maybe you would like to explore ideas for flickr instead.

A few of you will be creating wikispaces based on a project for another subject. One group is exploring how a special car parks itself and will use geometry and physics to explain it. This is a good use of a wiki where video, fireworks diagrams, and other applications can be applied.

In short, I encourage you to do something. All of these application are new to me and I can't keep up with all the ones that are coming out. If we work together and use the tools we have (blogs, wikis, etc...) we could raise our collective knowledge. Also, I realize that many of you take the "safe" choice and stick with your textbook. If you are doing it because you truly want to learn more about HTML forms, then OK. If you are doing it because you think it is easier or safer, then I urge you to reflect on how you approach learning. Take a chance. If we ALL did the safe thing school would be boring and we wouldn't learn that much.

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