Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I hope that the totally 10 system is working for you. I think allowing students to choose the assignments that fit their needs is the way to go. Some of you resist the challenge, but I urge you to truly explore the possibilities. Although the process has been a bit messy as we experiment I am very impressed by how fast some of you have worked when some of the restrictions of a traditional classroom are lifted.

I have begun formulating the semester exam. This will be a serious exam as it carries so much weight in the grading system. Currently I envision a vocabulary exam (20%), a web page creation (50%), and an analysis (30%). I encourage you to have quality outlines as I expect they will come into play during the exam.

Do you have suggestions for the exam? Topics? Ideas? If so, leave them here.

Project 6 due Thursday.


Chelsea Payne said...

I think that the exam is a good idea but that we should be able to use our book for the codes and that kind of thing because we have been all year.

Mr. Schneider said...

How about book for HTML coding, but not for vocab?

Chelsea Payne said...

Sounds good but then can we have a couple days just to study?

Mr. Schneider said...

I anticipate giving a practice exam before vacation, and then there will be ample study opportunities. I hope to give you time to work on special projects and time to tie all this together. Don't worry.

nicole flokos said...

i think this project is a cool idea buty you don`t really have much of a choice, ha. i just do all the apply`s and labs.