Friday, December 08, 2006

Flatclass video

Click here or above to watch Tania and Nicole's video about the flatclassroom project.

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Julie said...

Tania and Nicole, well done! We are truly impressed with your work and flattered that you thought highly enough about our project to put the time and effort into this production. It really is a flat world!
Thank you
Julie Lindsay
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Victoria said...

Wow! I love it! I wish we could get a little larger version so we could view the words! The students are coming in today and will love it!

Mr. Schneider said...

Did you view it from youtube? That should be easier to see for a larger group. You can slect it to view on full screen.

I do see that in the uploading it loses some "crispness". Something for us to work on.

We have a couple mroe movies on the way.

Durff said...

I really enjoy this video every time I watch it! I can't wait to ask my students how they liked the YouTube (they may feign to know nothing, but they all know what YouTube is!)
Mrs. Durff