Thursday, December 21, 2006

Friday: Completing Online Work

Today you will tie these elements together in a blog entry. This will require you to search effectively, find QUALITY information, and synthesize it quickly. Post this by midnight tonight (Friday). You can always edit it later. If you are unable to find effective information, get help from a buddy. Trust me, the information is there. I know you have the skills to find them if you focus on the task.

Answer the question in a substantive blog entry that includes links to valuable resources. You must try to find one quality blog on the subject to link to.

Choose one of the following tasks:

1. What are the three leading causes of death for African children? How is the Gates Foundation trying to solve these issues? Include technorati tags Africa, poverty, GatesFoundation.

2. The genocide in Darfur has prevented farmers in that region from generating a stable income. What efforts by the UN are in place to stabilize that region so crops can be planted and other areas of life can return to normalcy. Include technorati tags for Darfur, crops, United Nations.

3. How many years of schooling does the average child in the Sudan have? Are there differences between girls and boys? How does this effect their future lives? use technorati tags for Sudan, education.

4. How many orphans has the AIDS crisis produced in Africa? What efforts is the American government undertaking to stop the crisis? How will this crisis effect these children and is there any way out of the crisis? Use technorati tags for AIDS, children, GatesFoundation.

To make technorati tags click here.

On blogmeister be sure to use paragraphs, links, and any other devices you can to show that you can communicate in an effective manner. Write the entry as if a child in Africa is reading it. And remember, they might be. And without sounding silly, its not a game for them.

Please also check the final project. Its on the wiki. The structure is done, but leave comments if you have any idea on the discussion page. I will be fleshing it out over the next week. Get a head start.

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