Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wednesday Work

Both tests should be completed at this point.

Today you should practice making effective blog posts by reading and writing about the two articles.  Please format the blog posts using modern tools and design.

In addition I would like you to work on your coding.


1. You must do todays Google A Day and record your answer.

2. Please complete 600 pts on Code Avengers.

3. Please read the debate on the NYTimes about coding.  Each entry is only a few paragraphs.  Please write a blog post that answers the following:

--Should coding be taught in schools?  
--At what age?

Provide evidence and links from the article.  Be sure to post to the Google+ class community.

4. Can you answer the question "Should a Robot Sacrifice Your Life to Save Two?".  Please debate this in a blog post and post to Google+.  You must comment on at least five classmates blogs with comments that extend the conversation.

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