Monday, May 19, 2014

Tuesday Work

Hacking basically means to create something new.  Often it takes a negative connotation--"He hacked into the computer files"--but it in schools we are seeing more and more students hack solutions.  The Makey Makey is a product of hacking.

I enjoy following Music Hack Day.

Today we will practice our HTML skills while we look at Johnny Lee.

Johnny Lee wowed the TED crowd when he showed how he can use a Wii Remote to make a cheap interactive Whiteboard. Please create a website that does the following:
  • Embed the TED video (How do you embed a video?) 
  • Create a table that lists the parts needed and their approximate cost. (Can we format the table so TH and TD are used effectively?  Should there be a border?)
  • Links to more information. Use google to search effectively. (How will you display this information? A list?  A paragraph?)
  • A basic description of how it is done.  (Be sure your website explains the process.  Can you write an effective description?)
Show me when done.

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