Monday, May 05, 2014

Snow Fall

Today we will read the Snow Fall.  Everyone is talking about this piece in the NY Times.  It won a Pulitzer Prize which is a top award for newspapers.  It is an amazing blend of video, text, graphics, and audio.  You should read it with your headphones on.

That's right, a newspaper piece you read with your headphones on.

This is a "long read".  Take the time.  It is worth it.  I realize that some of you are slower readers and this might end up being homework. 

Your test grade is a blog entry.  We have not had a test yet this marking period.  Your question: "How will writing change in the digital age?".  Be sure to reference this Snow Fall text.

We have talked a lot about this and there are other sources that you could cite.

Please think about your answer.  Plan it out.  Include links.  Use paragraphs.

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