Wednesday, May 07, 2014

HTML Tables

Spend some time reading and practicing creating tables in HTML.  Its not that hard, but it requires a precise order of codes.  Pay attention.

Know the difference between TD, TR, TH.


Create an HTML website that will demonstrate some HTML skills.

1. This assignment is called "Favorites". Create a folder in your HTML folder.

2. Create a four page HTML website. Save the four pages as home, foods, music, school. (Do you know how to create pages in notepad and save them in a folder?  Be sure to create them with the first 8 tags that are in every HTML page)

3. On the home page include an MSPaint image of you that you create and include links to the other pages. This is your landing page. (Can you save the picture in the right spot so it can be embedded in your webpage?)

4. Foods (Can you find a CC image and search for effective information?):

  • List your three favorite foods using an An ordered list.
  • Include an image from a creative commons search on flickr. Notice the difference when you click "interesting" vs. "relevant"
  • Include a link to a recipe of your favorite food.

5. Music (Can you make this page visually interesting and consistent with the other three pages?):

6. Schedule (Can you code a table?  Can you code it so the display makes sense?):
  • Include your schedule using a table.
  • Use an underline code somewhere.
  • Make the table border blue.

7. Layout/Other (Does your site look modern and effective?)
  • Be sure to link all pages together.
  • Include links where there should be links.
  • All pages should look uniform and connected.
  • White background color.

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