Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Web Design: Marking Period Exam

Here is the procedure for finishing the marking period exam:

  • Proofread what you have done. If you are doing a website be especially careful of your code for images (make sure they aren't directed to the W: drive). Make sure all links work.
  • Save folder to Udrive--WebSchneider--MP4Exam--Final Drafts
  • Complete blog post. 1. What did you learn? 2. What went well? 3. What would you change? 4. Who has the best project in the UDrive?
  • You must complete the project by Wednesday and the blog post by Thursday.
There will be no additional work assigned Thursday and Friday. I will post optional work. I will be in a grading frenzy. I have to complete senior grades by Friday. I also hope to post the exam review.

If you have missing work or issues with grades you will have the opportunity to gain some credit back on Thursday and Friday. I will post grades by Friday afternoon for all (I hope) on Edline. Any exemptions can be figured out from that post. I urge Juniors to take the exam. It can only help your GPA.

Looking ahead to exams. You can take the exam during any period (3-7). I will not be available on Tuesday for exams as I will be at the decathlon. You can take the exam Wednesday or Thursday from 12:00-2:00 or Friday at 10:00 if that fits your schedule.

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