Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Exam: Rough Drafts

Everyone does two things today:

  • Submit your rough draft to the Udrive (WebSchneider-MP4Exam).  Movies (save as movie file), Flash (export movie), or Websites (copy folder) should be named correctly (bschneiderexam).
  • Complete a quick blog post.  Three questions.  First, briefly describe your project. Second, what are you learning?  Third, are you working efficiently (how will you get done?)?
A few notes:
  • Be sure your voice drives the Pecha Kucha.  Monotones don't work.
  • Some of you are creating way-to-complicated Flash.  Keep it simple.  Rely more on sound!!
  • Be sure, very sure, that your links work in your website.  
I leave for the big track meet at 12:30.

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