Thursday, June 04, 2009

Exam Notes

Some exam notes:

  • This class has been about telling a story.  It has been my mantra since Day One.  After looking at the rough drafts I notice that some of you are really struggling with this.  I highly advise finishing a rough draft now.  Only then can you evaluate your story.  
  • Be sure your images/pages are consistent in tone.  The rough drafts seem to have images that don't match in color/style/etc...This is especially true with the Flash projects.  Think of the Red Riding Hood example.  Each frame looks like it is part of the same story.
  • Get it done.  Some of you really, really, really need to consider working harder.  This is 20% of your grade.
  • Some of you are doing children's stories.  Remember, most children can't read.  Use your voice!
  • Best so far: Cwyskiel (click on New1), GDipietro, Mchawla, TMorrow.

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