Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm back in school today but I am moving really, really slow. Be patient with me.

A few notes about your project:

1. Work as hard as you can now. Get work done at home. This will give you more time to work on your content.
2. Do you trust your sources? Why? There are thousands of caffeince studies out there. Be careful.
3. The Beethoven question is a brain/psychology question. It is not a biography of Beethoven question.
4. Who is the leading authority on Darfur? What reporter is there now and is most trusted? If you can answer that question you probably have the best information.  Check out this site from Danbury HS. I just found this one which is , I think, done by 8th graders.
5. If you are doing the family member site please remember to tell us stories, don't just list ten facts about them (where born, how old, etc...).
6. Have you checked Times Topics? Think about how to search and I bet you will find great information.

Everyone today should be up to step 4 in the project (extra point if you do all three things for step 4)). Tomorrow I will pass out the storyboard template.

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