Friday, December 12, 2008


Everyone must complete their storyboarding today. It is essential that you work on defining your main points. Many of you are having trouble with this.

Bad main point:
I want people to understand that situation in Darfur and how to effects so many people. (What situation? What effect?)

Good main point:
The genocide in Darfur is a tragedy that must be stopped. Please donate now. (Includes situation, action, and result).

Bad main point:
People drink coffee for many reasons and sometimes it is good for them and sometimes it is bad. (Huh?)

Good main point:
Coffee makes you stupid. (Clear thesis)

A clear main point will drive the path of your website. I will push you on this today in your discussion. If you can't articulate it well I am going to send it back. Remember, that articulating you main point is essential for any type of communication (music, poetry, essays, phone calls, etc...). I do not want your website to be a collection/list of facts. I want it to tell a coherent story that engages the viewer and encourages them to USE the site.

Today might be a good day to go back through your blog and check out websites that you thought were good. Why were they good? Did they have a consistent message? Was their "selling point" clear? If people don't understand what you are "selling" they certainly won't invest their time in your site.

On a side note: today is forecasted to be another wild ride as the auto bailout failed.

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