Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have been told that it might snow tomorrow. This will impact your project timeline.

"A" students: they don't care about the snow. They've finished their layout and are working on their content. They have plans for what they can do at home and bring in on Monday. They are using their google notebook and bookmarks and will do their citations and other items at home and save time at school for serious coding work. They might even bring their codes home so they can work on in them in HTML on Notepad on their computers. They will get it done.

"B/C" Students: they aren't sure there is enough time. They haven't done any work at home and haven't quite planned things out yet. They wonder how the A students are getting it done.

"D/F" Students: they don't care. They probably would turn it in late if they had 100 days to do it because they skip steps, or don't plan effectively.

People trust people that they can depend on (plumbers, doctors, salesman) and hate people who they can't depend on (plumbers who don't show up on time, etc...). We do projects to learn how to get things done well and done on time.

Finally, a reminder that your website must include a video with a voice over and you must only include creative commons images. Not doing this might be OK in your book, but it is NOT this assignment and you will be graded accordingly.

Be sure you have this link in your bookmarks as you search for information. Use tools effectively!

Good luck!

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