Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Internet Literacy:

1. Check out UDrive Scratch projects. Check Web2 folders as well.
2. Everyone will create a one octave piano in Scratch. C will be the first and last note. I will review this in class.
3. Collaborate on this project. I have no problem if you work with a partner as long as it is an equal partnership. Help each other finish this project.
Schedule upcoming: Wed-Thurs we work on Piano. Friday we work on Google Docs. Monday we start the big project.
Web 2:
1. Rename your Ansonia subfolder (bschneideransonia).
2. Create a new Ansonia High School index page. Name it index1.
3. Use modern design to create a completely new website. This should look much cooler than your original pages (we will compare!!).
4. Include all information that we previously had (PSATs, directions, etc...).
Web 3:
1. Save a draft of your movie and project files to the Udrive so people can look at and give suggestions.

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