Monday, September 22, 2008

New Story and Grading

Please make a blog entry about the top news story of the day. To determine what the top story is you can visit:

New York Times
Connecticut Post

Your blog summary of the news should:

  • Be short: no more than 50 words that summarize the story.
  • Include a link to the story you read.
  • Have an appropriate title for the entry that matches the story.

Here is an example:

For the final time a baseball game was played at Yankee Stadium last night. With one final victory the team wrapped up over eight decades in the historic ballpark. Next year will begin a new era across the street in a brand new stadium.

After the warm-up:
Web 1: Finish all coding.
Web 2: Finish Ansonia High website quiz and two cases.
Web 3: Refine walking animation. Do this practice animation by the same author.

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