Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Quizzes

Internet Literacy:

The quiz for web 1 will be due by the end of the Period on Monday. Some of you will finish early, some of you will have to work fast...

You will create a one page website about your current class schedule. This website should include:

  • A title in the header.
  • A clear heading on the page.
  • A list of classes.
  • A brief paragraph describing yourself (junior at Seymour High School, etc...)
  • Background color.

Save the file to your WDrive-Classwork when done.

Web 2:

Your quiz will be to create a new website for Ansonia High School. We will use this website for all of our quizzes as we learn new techniques.

For this quiz please:

  • Define a site and create a subfolder.
  • Design an initial page. Save it as "index".
  • Title the page.
  • Decide who the audience for this website is.
  • Decide what Ansonia High School is "selling".
  • Set up a basic page.
  • Apply the design ideas we have discussed (balance, motion, etc...) and show evidence that you have done the reading.
  • Make sure the page works (links, images, etc...).

Web 3:

You will continue to work on your web tutorials. Please complete the bouncing heart, the mask, and the rotating globe for a grade.


Jeff said...

Hi there, I stumbled across your blog as I was doing an assignment of my own. I'm a technology teacher myself!

My question to you is: Do you have your students subscribed via rss feeds to your blog?

Mr. Schneider said...


They have it bookmarked in their igoogle page. We haven't covered readers yet.

I pretty have pretty much learned to check the blog as there is something on their pretty much every single day.