Friday, April 04, 2008


I am posting the quiz for next week. You should do the quiz when you have completed the bookwork and blog entries. I expect some of you will be working on these quizzes when we return from vacation.

Web 4:

Create a one-page website where you review the sites you have written about in your blog. This page should include:

  • Links to the programs. Organize effectively so the page is highly usable.
  • An attractive, modern layout
  • Title, alternate text, headings, etc...
  • No scrolling.

Save in Udrive.

Web 2:

Assignment 1: Complete your Crosby High School website. Your site should include.

  • A modern layout.
  • Survey/Form: What would a high school use a form for? Keep the form simple and be sure to link back to home page.
  • Map: Create a map that gives "directions" from Seymour High School to Watertown High School. This is an adaptation of the skills you learned when you made your RV travel around Florida. You will probably want to create the map yourself rather than trying to download one. I realize this map may be a bit clunky
  • Be sure all technical items are correct (alt text, VSpace, titled pages, etc...)
  • Save in Udrive

Assignment 2: Parts of the Face. Many of you did this in Web 1. Now you will do this in Dreamweaver. There are a TON of great examples in the Udrive. Save in Udrive when done.

Web 1: Your Quiz will be the Parts of the Face. Have Fun! Save in Udrive when done.

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