Friday, April 25, 2008


Several students have organized the Day of Silence for today. This year's event is dedicated for a specific purpose. Check out this article and this article about the shooting.

Web 2 and Web 1:

You will work on the motion and shape tween tutorials for Flash. I will demonstrate each at the beginning of class then you will play with them. Once you are done with moving the balls across the screen you will move on to the Flash tutorials. We will spend a few days in these tutorials. Some of you may have some experience in Flash. Review what you know, then move on to more advanced tutorials.

I advise that you save all of your work in your WDrive. You might use it later.

Web 4:

Today we will attempt to recreate a website. You will recreate the John McCain homepage (not the splash screen that asks you for money, but the main page). Please collaborate with your groups but you will each do all of the coding yourself. You should follow these steps:

1. Look at the page. Check out the code. Get familiar with the different components. What parts of the page will you not be able to execute or copy? I will not require you to add the drop-down menus at the top of the page.
2. Discuss with your group. What tools should you use?
3. Create the backgrounds and logos. I will allow you to copy the image of John McCain on their page--but that is the only thing you can copy and paste.
4. Set up the layout. Discuss with group easiest way.
5. Populate the page with the links, images, and background.
6. You will replace the video on the page with the news video that you created yesterday. You will have to convert the .wmv file in Flash.
7. Save to UDrive when done. (bschneidermccain)

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