Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Web 1:

Today you will take your Flash quiz. In the UDrive: Web Schneider is a movie called "FlashQuiz". Please replicate this movie as exactly as you can using Flash. When done, save to the UDrive (bschneiderflash). Hint: there are two layers in the movie.

When you finish your project you will "Export Movie". This converts the .fla file to a .swf file which we can view. It is this movie that you save to the UDrive.

Web 2:

Continue on your Flash activities. Try to have three of the five activities (bouncing ball, rocket ship, flower, race car, slideshow) done today. Save your best examples to the UDrive. Remember to "Export Movie" (bschneiderball or bschneiderflower)

Web 4:

Continue John McCain website replication. Save draft of folder to UDrive today.

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