Wednesday, March 07, 2007

School 2.0

David Warlick, the blogmeister, has been travelling the world talking about School 2.0. Take a minute and read his post. School 2.0 is a transformative experience where teachers are guiding the learning process. Education become much more reciprocal. I learn AS you learn. Not I talk and YOU learn.

I think this course, because of its nature, might be one of the more "modern" in terms of content that you have. I have also tried to be "modern" in terms of teaching technique. I have tried to adapt my style to the situation. If I am working with you in a few weeks teaching you how to throw the discus on the track team my style will be very different. If I was conducting you in my band it would be yet another style.

Why? I think it is essential that you can discover the answers yourself. When you are "on your own" there will be no teacher there for you. You will need to know how to search for information, read/write, communicate and collaborate, and to solve the "problem" quickly, efficiently and productively.

What does a 21st century school look like? Check out:

High Tech High Be sure to look at their digital portfolios. How does the use of digital portfolios increase collaboration and assessment? If you were in that school you would know exactly what excellent work looks like. Are these students prepared for the 21st century?

Take the time to read this Time magazine article (some of you may have seen it before). Note how a 21st century school approaches education. Notice how involved students are in their education.

Why do we focus on this? A web designer who does not focus on learning new technology, methods of communication, and global techniques will quickly be an irrelevant web designer.
I hope our readings have shown you that ALL of us have to be web designers/communicators now to thrive in this global, collaborative marketplace. If ALL of us have to be web designers/communicators then these skills are essential.

In your blogmeister please reflect on these readings. How can you take more control of your education? Are you demanding the opportunity to learn?

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