Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ethics and Appropriate Use

We have talked and written many times this year about responsible use. We have reflected that many things have been restricted from you because some people have acted badly. Water bottles, phones, iPods, video on websites, etc.....

So what would an acceptable use policy look like? Check this one out that covers student publishing. Also read that has community guidelines.

But sometimes we are searching for information, images, or ideas and we come across inappropriate content. For example, has community guidelines, but sometimes people don't follow the rules and post objectionable photos.

We need guidelines of what to do if we come across "bad stuff". I feel strongly that the "bad stuff" should not come into the classroom and I am sure you agree. Some feel since that there is a chance this will happen we should not be able to use these tools. I feel if students behave responsibly and we have discussions about what to do and how to act that we should be able to use these tools.

1. What community guidelines should we use for SHS? How should we "act responsibly" in viewing, searching, and collecting information? This should be specific: "A student should use search terms responsibly, for example, don't search for "Nudes" or "If a student encounters objectionable content the student should flag the content and immediately remove themselves from the page".
2. Use the guidelines as your template. I think it is a good format. Notice it is NOT one run-on paragraph.
3. Title your blog entry "SHS Appropriate Use Guidelines".

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