Monday, March 05, 2007

Project 3

We are transitioning to Project 3 in the textbook.

Please take the survey about Project 2.

Project three is about tables and formatting pages. It is a bit awkward in that there are a lot of meticulous directions. There is debate in the software world about which is better; using tables or style sheets. Well, you get to learn both as Project 4 starts our work with style sheets.

We will eliminate the Plant City extra for this chapter. Please complete Florida parks, Lawn City, Student Government, outline, and quiz. I will be expecting your outlines to improve and employ the techniques we have talked about for summarizing. Start taking the practice quiz now so you learn the vocabulary.

Please put this free music site in your favorites. Remember, you can't use copyrighted music either. This site is connected with the $100 laptop program.

Good luck.

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