Monday, March 12, 2007


Last week I posted the new schedule for deadlines.

You should notice that some classes don't meet everyday due to CAPT test. Be sure you meet deadline regardless of CAPT schedule. You have known the schedule for a long time and should plan accordingly.

I am slightly worried that some of you will test me on this. Get things in when they are due or before deadline. Work will not be accepted after the deadline. I have provided significant time to complete each task. Those of you who are behind must plan for extra time during study hall or before or after school. You also must start working more efficiently. I will do anything I can to help you get things done. This might include a student tutor, allowing after school time, extra hints, etc...But let me know!!

Some the resources at your disposal:
1. Powerpoint presentation in UDrive.
2. Learn it Online.
3. Your classmates! Use the blogs for help or if you find a cool hint or way to do things.
4. Me
5. The textbook.
6. The world of instructors and web resources.

Last week's blog article is due today (Monday).

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