Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Survey 1

Here are the results of todays survey:

1. Dreamweaver is...

Easier than HTML 85%
Same difficulty as HTML 12%
Harder than HTML 2%

2. Have you read or edited your blogmeister from home?

Yes 67%
No 33%

3. After only two weeks with Dreamweaver I would like you to respond to the sequence of Web Design. Would you prefer...

Learning HTML first and then Dreamweaver 61%
Learning by task (i.e. learning image maps in Dreamweaver and HTML at the same time) 13%
Learn Dreamweaver first then incorporate HTML knowledge 26%

4. Are you producing your best work?

Yes 69%
No 31%

5. Five years from now we will...

Be in a new world of possibilities because Americans rose to the challenge 57%
Be in deep, deep trouble. 43%

6. Does using Dreamweaver help you understand HTML language better?

Yes 52%
No 48%

7. Do you feel comfortable creating and editing a basic webpage?

Yes 98%
No 1%
Whats a webpage? 1%

8. Choose One

Chocolate 54%
Vanilla 33%
Strawberry 26%

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