Thursday, February 15, 2007


Currently SHS bans iPods, cellphones, etc...

But we all know they are being used.

This postby Will Richardson highlights the ethics dilemma. Also read the NY Times article.

How can students use technology more effectively? Should ethical use of this technology be taught in the classes? How should SHS manage this issue?

Currently you can run Powerpoint and watch movies with your iPod, blog and access the internet with your cellphone. We know that in a few years the "phone" will be as powerful as the Dell Computer you are using right now. You will be able to take pictures, record voice, edit movie, post to web all in the palm of your hand. This could be a very powerful classroom tool.....or students could use this power unethically (pictures of girls, fight scenes, etc...).

Please write a post that addresses these issues. I worry about students recording conversations or taking inappropriate pictures. Often these situations dissolve into violence.

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