Sunday, February 11, 2007


Read this post by Will Richardson (probably the leading educational blogger, thousands of people subscribe to his blog on bloglines) about Barack Obama's push into the web. Obama is a leading Democratic candidate for President and he has made a big leap forward from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0.

As we teach web design I hope you realize that it is a moving target. What was "new" four years ago when Howard Dean splashed onto the scene has been replaced by much more powerful technology. Notice the "conversation" aspect of the website. Its not about Obama giving you information, its about Obama supporters providing each other with information. That is a much more powerful web design concept and one we are trying to work on every day here in class.

Another note. The blogmeister is in China. Follow his exploits on his blog. I encourage you all today to make a bloglines account and subscribe to David Warlick and Will Richardson.

If you are going to operate in a modern environment you have to be able to use and understand these tools.

Finally, technology doesn't always mean computers. Click here. You should put cooltools in your bloglines account as well. I'd like to see all of you use this tool at lunch.

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