Thursday, January 26, 2012

Using Evernote to Tell A Story

7:01am: We are again having some issues with the wifi today.  Be patient as we do this assignment.  We will adapt!

Today students will tell a story.  For many this will be exceedingly difficult.  Not because they can't write, or record, but because they have to interview their peers.

This entire class is about telling a story.  Telling a story through words, images, animation, links.  A bad web page story will be immediately discarded!  Nobody stays on a bad webpage or keeps listening to a poor recording.

Each student will write and record a 60 second biography for radio broadcast.  This biography will be of a classmate.  Students will record using Evernote.

Please be sure to name your file in Evernote as your first initial and last name (bschneider).  Save in the Web Biography notebook.

We will post the biographies here.  

Here are some posts that were created last semester:
Please write a blog post summarizing the process of creating the broadcast and include a link to your story.

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