Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I can't believe we made it to January.  For a variety of reasons (October snow, heating issues, etc...) we are two weeks (!!) short of classes.  I have had to let a movie unit and a coding unit go.  I hope to sneak a few items in over the next week.

Our exams will be in two weeks....

1. HTML review.  We will do this together.  This will be turned in today for a grade.
2.  Play around with MyHeritage.com  and FamilySearch.org . I give you the option to create an account and explore this software.  There is a free account option that asks for your email address.  This is an optional assignment.  I've done this with previous classes and they have loved using it.

  • Rate the usability of the MyHeritage site.

3. Check your comments and red dots on your blog.  Any progress?

  • What if you got 1 point for each red dot and needed to get to 100pts to pass.  How would your strategy change? 

4. Create an online resume using Vizualize.Me, Google Sites, Re.Vu or Weebly.  Which site works best for your needs? Check out some of these resumes:

  • Should you have a traditional resume and an infographic website?  
5. Codecademy.com is getting a lot of press lately.  100,000 people signed up in the first 49 hours.  Create an account and get started.  Again, this is an optional assignment but I think you will like it.  I'm working on my badges too.

  • Should coding be a required course?  Should it be a math credit or science credit?

Answer one of the above blog reflective questions based on what you do today.

I hope to have extra credit assignment done shortly.

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