Monday, March 09, 2009

Flash Assignment

This is week is crazy as well. Period seven meets three times, period four meets twice, and period five meets, of course, five times. Hard to keep track.

I will judge your work based on the amount of time you have in class. Period five's assignment should be stronger than period fours since they have more time.

Web 2 and Web 3:
You will create a Flash greeting card. This card will celebrate Easter, Baseball Opening Day, or Mother's Day. Your card should do the following:
  • Play automatically when loaded.
  • Include at least one of the following: zoom in, masking, or bouncing effect.
  • Be saved appropriately (folder--bschneidergreeting) to UDrive when done.
  • Include sound.
We will use the standard website rubric.

Web 4:
I will grade your rough drafts on Wednesday and your final drafts are due March 18.

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