Friday, March 20, 2009

Fireworks Challenge

Here is the Fireworks challenge.  You get one point for every successful challenge.  Goal is five points but you can score up to seven (extra credit).   If you submit five successful entries your grade is 5/5.  Yes, you will have to move fast.  Computers available after/before school and during study halls.

Notice that I did not give specific assignment of tools for each challenge.  You have many choices. I am curious to see how your design process works.  Think about audience!

Keep all challenge assignments in a folder (bschneiderchallenge) to submit to the UDrive on Friday.

Some images you need are in the UDrive-WebSchneider-Fireworks Challenge folder.

1. Create a logo for "Acme Iron Works".  Here is a good idea tool for logos.
2. Create a letterhead for "Acme Iron Works" of Seymour, CT using a word processor (Google Docs or MS Word for example).
3. Put Barack Obama in the stands at a New York Yankee game.
4. Put Claudia in a green tube. (image in UDrive)
5. Create a cool business card for Mr. Schneider.
6. Create a poster for the new Star Trek movie.  
7. Change the girl's prom dress to blue.(image in Udrive)


Symis Int'l said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing stuff.

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Symis Int'l said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial, really nice and amazing. It’s very helpful.

David Brown