Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Congratulations to Kevin T for winning the Fireworks contest. I posted my Top 4 at the Parent Conference last night. One comment about this took it over the top: "I can feel his pain". That won it for me.  

All of the top 4 got many votes.  Each entry was very different.  One person would say "I like it because its so simple and straight forward".  The next would say "Its too simple and straightforward".  That spoke to what a challenge design can be.  You can't please everybody.

Today we will spend the day reading, listening, and possibly viewing stories about Veterans Day. Be absolutely sure you complete the blog reflection. Learn something new today.

1. First, read this article about Veterans Day from the New York Times. This is an international holiday. The differences between countries and the reasons behind the different celebrations are fascinating.

2. Second, spend some significant time in The War from PBS. Notice how this website is used, not read. This is where I expect you to spend most of your day. Put on your headphones.

3. If you have Veterans in your Geni family tree be sure to note that on their page. If you aren't sure of their service be sure to ask when you get home.

4. We have hundreds of thousands of men and woman who are new veterans. Take a moment to check out their story.  Here is another reminder about the trials some of them face.  Let us also remember that we have a growing total of female veterans.

5. Write a short blog post linking to one of these websites. Choose one of the following questions:

  • What story/website made the most impact on you? Why? Include link.
  • Which website was set up most effectively? Why? Include link.

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