Monday, November 03, 2008


I was really impressed with all the work you did for your exams. Everybody showed me some interesting things. Many of us realized some limits in our Flash knowledge (esp. me!) and we worked together to try and solve these issues. Good job!

Everyone has to do #1, 2, 3 today. The rest is for the remainder of time or at home for fun. This is a reading/writing/thinking week.

1. Please answer the following questions on your blog. Keep each answer short (3-4 lines at most).

  • What have you learned so far? Has your view of the internet changed?
  • Who has the best project in the UDrive? Why?
  • What do you think is your strength in this class (collaborating, design, Google, writing, etc...)? What is your weakness?
  • What is the coolest site or program you've seen since we started? Provide link!

2. If there is any "clean-up" in the UDrive to do, come back and see me.

3. On the white board you see a list of 34 items we have covered. Is there anything I am missing??? If so, put it up there.

4. Election News. I'd be curious to find out what you click on first when you visit the page. Think about the design of that page and how it draws you in. Why did you click on something?

5. Fascinating story about how elections have changed because of Web 2.0. This is our class in action!

6. There is always somebody younger than you doing great things. What do you want your New York Times story to say? Have something positive in your life that could get noticed.

7. Check out the Hubble Telescope pictures. Way cool.

8. Has anybody used this picture service? If so write a blog review. I'm considering it.

9. I don't know if teachers assign timelines anymore. If they do check out TimeRime.

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