Monday, November 24, 2008


We have been asked to fill out this survey from some people in the United Kingdom. It is anonymous. Please complete it carefully. It should take five minutes.

The "Interlude" will continue this week. If you have redone a website please save the version to the UDrive in the same folder as the old version. It will be nice to compare. Most of you couldn't look at your two versions without giggling last week. Keep working on making your design cleaner and more modern. I think this can be a very productive use of our time.

The latest Tom Friedman column is worth reading.

This video might give you Wisdom.

Gadgetwise might be something to add to your Google Reader. It usually has some interesting stuff.

You might find this quiz interesting.  Its not easy (I got 87%)

Here is a little known (and possibly useless) fact:

The Town of Seymour was originally named Chusetown. It was then renamed Humphreysville. In 1850 the townspeople wanted to change the name to Richmond, but then agreed to honor Governor Thomas Seymour by naming the town Seymour.

It took me about five minutes to find this. I was just curious. There are 6-7 other Seymours in the USA. I wonder if they were named after the same Seymour? I'm kind of glad the town isn't named Chusetown or Humphreysville.

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