Thursday, June 19, 2014

Final Exam

Below is the final exam for Spring 2014 Web Applications.  The exam must be completed in class before the end of the assigned period.  All work must be your own.  However, you are free to search the internet or look at any previous work.

Blog Post (50pts):
What is the effect of violent video games on behavior?  Create a blog post that answers this question.  Your blog post should include all elements of modern web writing.  You must post your response to the Google+ community.

HTML (50pts):
You will create a two-page website.

  • Create a folder.  Name it (firstinital, lastname, project----bschneiderfinal)
  • All work will be in this folder.
  • I choose a topic many of you nothing
    • Your home page will be a picture of a flower.  
      • Name this file home.html
      • Heading = FLOWERS
      • Background color = YELLOW
      • Place an image in the center of the page.  
      • Below the image write "For more information click here".  Click here will link to page2
    • Your second page will include information.
      • Name this file page2.html
      • Link back to home page
      • Heading = Flower Images
      • Background color = YELLOW
      • Create a table with a border.  4 rows, 2 columns.

      Flower Image
      Daisy put daisy image here
      Rose put rose image here
      Tulip put tulip image here

    Save folder to UDrive-WebApps folder when done.
Your exam is done when you post your blog to Google+ and save your website to your folder on the UDrive.  Please remain quiet until the bell rings or until all students are done with their exam.

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