Monday, June 09, 2014


Your final exam will occur next Thursday in this room (104).

Your exam will require you to code and create a working website.  You will have to save the website to the UDrive.  We will practice this today.



1. Create a folder on your desktop.

  • Name it using the following protocol; first name, last name, project (brandtschneiderfinal).
  • Save your BEST webpage to this folder.  Copy any needed images into folder.
  • Copy folder to UDrive-WebApps.
2.  Complete 700pts in Code Avengers.

3. Complete any missing work.

4. Using Hopscotch code a task that is "Etch-a-Sketch".  Have you seen the task that draws the shells of the Sydney Opera House?  Can you recreate that?  Or maybe try the Eiffel Tower, or Seymour High School, or Yankee Stadium?  Make it fun.  Share with teacher when done.

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