Sunday, December 04, 2011

Web Project Work

Please fill out this form before you do anything else today.

Then take 2 minutes to look through the Best Images of 2011.

Some of you were exploring making a Children's book.  I think some of you thought this was an easy way out.  Check some Children's Counting Books (amazon will allow you to look at the cover and first pages).  Children's books are no joke.  The illustrations are serious.  Second, I will not accept ANY projects with images that do not have citations and creative commons license.  We will check each one.

Watch these 4th graders use voice thread (you can google a thousand other examples) explain their math homework.

I saw many report card designs that really seemed to copy the current report card.  You really need to think bigger.  If you are having trouble google some more examples.  You really need to tell a story with your report card.  I suggest you write your story first (in one paragraph) before you tackle the design.

Here is a project by an 11th grade student. youTube and google demonstrate the amazing talent students have. He sang, played the instruments and directed and edited the movie.  You will publish this project. Do your best.


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