Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thursday Lesson

I am at UConn today.  I am presenting a class to future teachers about technology in the classroom.  iPads will be the focus of the discussion.  Your Evernote podcasts will probably be played.

Do the work while I am gone.  I firmly believe that there is not one teacher in the room, but twenty.  We all teach each other.  When a class can let go of the idea that the teacher must tell them everything the class will start to fly.  I want YOU to create the ideas in this class.


1. Try the Google A Day.  Can you get the answer?

2. Organize your W Drive.  Put assignments into folders.  Make it neat.  Everytime you get a new assignment it should go in a folder.

3. Create a HTML page.  Title it "HTML Lesson".

  • Create a one page website that demonstrates how to:
    • Open a file and create HTML (open notepad, how to view source, etc...).
    • How the "first 8 tags" work.  Body, head, etc...
    • How to create a link.
    • Use proper colors.  Does it need a table? Image?
    • Save in WDrive.  HTMLTutorial.html
4. If you finish please show the substitute.

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