Monday, September 05, 2011

A New Year


Back in Web Class.  I am very excited to teach this "new" class.  I taught this for four years, took a two year break, and now I am back teaching two sections.  So much has changed!

This class should be fun and exciting.  You will write and read A LOT in here.  You will code, create, tape, video, and publish.  This will be an odd class for some of you as YOU take charge of your learning. You will have lots of choices as the year progresses.  This often makes students nervous as I rarely stand in front of you and say "now we will turn to.."

Today I ask you to have fun with the iPads in the group exploration activity.  If you finish, later you can do the solo activity.

Two things need to happen today:
1. You need to return your Internet Use form.  You got it in homeroom yesterday.  I can't do anything without that.
2. Fill out this Info Sheet using your iPad.

I may adapt this activity (filter....) and do some wifi mapping and area of triangle stuff.  Stay tuned.  I have this at 7:30am and will adapt again for 2nd time through at 12:30.

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