Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grading Day

Today I hope to get your blogs up and running, but that might be different for each class.  We will also grade our progress on that current project.

Web 2:
  • Choose ONE of your projects.
  • Create a folder in WDrive first initial-last name-project (bschneiderhobbies).
  • Copy your project into this folder in WDrive.
  • Copy folder to Udrive-WebSchneider-Web2-Hobbies/Sports.
  • Answer the following questions: What is your site about?  What went well in designing your site?  Does your site demonstrate gender bias?  Why or why not?
Web 3:
  • You will do the ball tossing quiz in class.
  • Save file and export movie as normal (bschneiderballtoss).
  • Save it to Udrive-Webschneider-Web 4-Ball tossing when done.  
Web 4:
  • Be sure you have completed the first blog post and answered any comment questions.
  • Blog post #2: List two major research sites about the movie subject.  Where and how are you gathering information?
  • Begin formulating a slogan, logo ideas, and storyboard.  Some of you are using toondoo.  How is it working?
  • I am setting a 100 second limit on the movie.

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