Friday, February 06, 2009


Web 2 and Web 3:

Save your Flash documents in the WDrive.  Save them in two formats.  First save the Flash document as an .fla file.  Then save the Flash Movie as a .swf file.  Then you will have two files for each project.  You can edit the .fla file.  You watch the .swf file.

Please complete the following tutorials at a minimum by Monday:
Students who have those completed should work on:
Web 4:
Complete your second project today.  I then ask you to analyze one of your projects in your blog.  This is a serious analysis.  Don't be afraid to include examples, links, and other tools.  I expect you to take a full day for this writing.  Really reflect on your work.  Due Monday.
  • Who is your intended audience?  Why did you choose this audience?
  • How does this project specifically target this audience?
  • List three improvements you made from an earlier version and why you choose those improvements.
  • Who has the funniest Flash in the Udrive?  The coolest?  

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