Thursday, January 08, 2009


I am scrambling to get things done. I am moving fast on exam information and will have that tomorrow. I have to eliminate one component because of the time we have missed. I also need to have all of your grades. Several of you have not turned in a project (all grades posted on Edline). Last chance.

The importance of being able to write a coherent memo cannot be overstated. Today we will focus on the one page memo. You must be able to synthesize ideas and summarize them in a format easily read by both bosses and colleagues. This takes practice. A lot of practice.

The topic today might seem a bit odd; its you! I want you to write this memo to yourself. The topic? What skills must you learn in order to be competitive, productive, and happy in the 21st century world?

Be sure to follow the format and really, really organize your thoughts (Someone will ask--how long is the one page memo?) Post to blog when done. This is your final assignment. If you don't finish today please submit tonight for homework as we will probably start the exam work tomorrow.

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